The Sworn Book of Honorius  is an important early grimoire, dating from the fourteenth century. It is an exceptionally detailed and ambitious guide to magical attainment. To quote reviewer Alex Sumner: 'first, the Operator should consecrate the “Seal of God” (actually the prototype of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth) and complete a forty-day operation to attain the Beatific Vision. In this sense it is akin to a shortened version of Abramelin, except that the required prayers are more sophisticated. This being achieved, the Operator can then progress on to an elaborate series of conjurations of Planetary and Elemental Spirits of both an Angelic and Demonic nature – for achieving more conventional “low-magic” goals.'

 Only a few copies of the Sworn book survive, one being the copy owned by Doctor John Dee. This new translation by Joseph Peterson includes the complete Latin text, carefully cross-checked against known manuscripts and related texts in German, Latin and English.  Peterson  also gives extensive introductory essay:  history, provenance, and scholarly perspectives are treated. An important work for the library of anyone interested in the grimoire tradition and the history of magic

Newburyport: Ibis Press, 2016, 240 pages. Hardback. New.

The Sworn Book of Honorius [Grimoire]