Plato's Symposium is one of the literary masterpieces of the world, a philosophic treatise which has few equals. This translation by Floyer Sydenham (extensively revised by Thomas Taylor) reveals with especial clarity the profundities of Plato's mystical system. Why this translation? No translator so deeply imbibed the spirit of Plato as did Thomas Taylor, as readers ever since have continued to recognise.In addition to the clear, lyrical translation, this book has a treasury of notes concerning the background to the dialogue, as well as the mystical symbolism hidden within it.   Two other texts are included as well:

 - Thomas Taylor's beautiful Poetical Paraphrase of  Diotima's Speech

- Stephen Mackenna's translation of Plotinus' Ennead (III, 5) 'On Love' 

The final section of the book consists of four four modern essays which it is hoped will throw further light upon the dialogue:

- Tim Addey,  Diotima's Continuum of Love

- Tim Addey, Socrates the Lover 

- Tim Addey, The Place of the Symposium in the Writings of Plato

- Guy Wyndham-Jones, The Beauty of Truth.

Bream: Prometheus Trust, 2011 (2002).  193 pages, paperback. New.

The Symposium - Plato, trans. Thomas Taylor and Floyer Sydenham