Jake Stratton-Kent presents a revolutionary understanding of the practice of grimoire magic, argueing it has always been integrated with folk magic and witchcraft. Kent's study focusses on two works: the Testament of Solomon, and a version of the Iberian Book of St. Cyprian. He looks at the mythology of grimoire spirits, and also the main characters of the grimoire traditions. Kent also takes an in-depth look at the various elements of grimoire magic: the lunar decans, lunar magic, theurgy, conjurations and pacts.

      This is a monumental work by an accomplished scholar-practitioner which aims at nothing less than the regeneration of Western magic. A must-read for anyone working in the grimoire tradition or students of the developments of Western esotericism.

London: Scarlet Imprint, 2014. Two Volume set. Paperback, xxv+283 pages/266 pages. New.


Testament of Cyprian the Mage - Jake Stratton-Kent