Dion Fortune first published this guide to the Western Mysteries in 1930. In it sh  explores its ancient roots in Greece, Egypt and the Qabalah, then turns to the focus of the book, which it to explain to the reader howto prepare for initiation and self-perfection throgh magic. The student is guided in how to adopt the correct outlook in order to succeed at the challenging journey of the esoteric path. She instructs in how to understand ritual magic, karma, blac kmagic, white magic, the inner planes, and given instruction on how to refine the mind, body and spirit.

Reading this classic, one feels the presence of the great  Dion Fortune personally looking over one's shoulder, taking one in hand. This new edition is introduced by Gareth Knight.

San Francisco: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 2000. Paperback, 133 pages. New.

The Training and Work of an Initiate - Dion Fortune