Subtitled, 'The Way of Perfection in the Platonic Tradition' book is a beginner's guidebook to Platonism as a lived spiritual practice. Addey, himself a lifelong follower of this path, offers the reader a starting point for a committed journey of self-exploration in pursuit of profound wisdom, the highest happiness, and, ultimately, a friendship with divinity. The author introduces Pythagoras, Plato, Plotinus, Proclus and many others, for whom it was a living yoga of enlightenment. There are chapters on Dialectic Meditation, Contemplation, Theurgy, Initiation, the Guardian Daemon, Mythology, Virtue and Love. Extracts from ancient authors bring the book an extra dimension of vitality. The New edition published in 2011.

N.l.: Prometheus Trust. Softback, 192 pages. New.

The Unfolding Wings - T. Addey [Neoplatonism]