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The Wanton Green - Ed. G. MacLellan & S. Cross


Essays by modern pagans writing about their own deep, passionate and wanton relationships with the earth, from the British pagan / occult community. Several of the contributors have given talks and lectures at Treadwell's over the years, so regulars will find familiar names on the list. A spread of articulate and thoughtful voices, with insights and personal experience at their heart. Treadwell's recommends.

  • Smoke and mirrors (Stephen Grasso) Treadwell's lecturer
  • Wild, wild water (Lou Hart) Treadwell's lecturer
  • The dragon waters of place: a journey to the source (Susan Greenwood) Treadwell's lecturer
  • "She said: 'You have to lose your way'"(Maria van Daalen)
  • Fumbling in the landscape (Runic John)
  • Finding the space, finding the words (Rufus Harrington)
  • Stone in my bones (Sarah Males)
  • A Heathen in place: working with Mugwort (Robert Wallis) Treadwells speaker
  • Facing the waves (Gordon MacLellan)
  • Catching the Rainbow Lizard (Maria van Daalen)
  • The rite to roam (Julian Vayne)Treadwell's lecturer
  • Places of Power (Jan Fries)
  • Natural magic is art (Greg Humphries)
  • Pagan Ecology: on our perception of nature, ancestry and home (Emma Restall Orr)
  • Because we have no imagination (Susan Cross)
  • The crossroads of perception (Shani Oates)
  • Devon, Faeries and me, (Woody Fox)
  • Lud's Church, (Gordon MacLellan)
  • Places of spirit and spirits of place: of Fairy and other folk, and my Cumbrian bones (Melissa Montgomery)
  • A life in the woods: protest site paganism (Adrian Harris)
  • We first met in the north (Barry Patterson)
  • Museum or Mausoleum (Mogg Morgan)
  • Hills of the ancestors, townscapes of artisans (Jenny Blain)
  • America (Maria van Daalen)
  • 'Where do we locate the sacred? In a place, a meeting, memory, a momentary glimpse? The Wanton Green provides no easy answers and instead, offers a multitude of perspectives on how our relationships with the earth, the sacred, the world through which we move are forged and remade.' - Phil Hine.

    Oxford: Mandrake, 2102. Paperback, 222 pages. New.