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An experimental novella and companion to the Autonomic Tarot created by writer David Keenan and artist Sophy Hollington.


The Autonomic Tarot is popular with Treadwell's customers, and for good reason. Its imagery is both strikingly modern and archetypal at the same time, and is evocative in its own unique way. The deck itself was originally conceived by writer David Keenan, in collaboration with artist Sophy Hollington, as an experimental work of writing and novella titled To Run Wild In It, with narrative sections structured according to the cards of a tarot deck.


As the authors describe it, To Run Wild In It is 'a book about tarot, an experimental novella, a channelled text and an extension of ideas first broached in David Keenan's acclaimed debut novel, This is Memorial Device'. It is an electrifying read and an essential companion for the Autonomic Tarot – and one that is likely to inspire both writers and artists alike.


N.L.: Rough Trade Books, 2018. Staplebound booklet, 36pp.

To Run Wild In It: A Handbook of Autonomic Tarot - David Keenan