Traditional Wicca - Thorn Mooney


This  is the first book which examines Gardnerian-Alexandrian initiatory Wicca specifically for people who are considering approaching it. She brings her years of experience as a Gardnerian priestess, and the result is a book whiich is wellwortht he read. It explains structures and dynamics of covens, the importance to the tradition of the rites of initiation, and the thinking on the subject of lineage. She also looks at how hierarchy works in covens, explaining how to spot works when it goes properly, and how to recognise when it doesn't.  Most books on Wicca which rehearse the general concepts (deities, elements, circle, wheel of the year) but this one does does something different and important. The reader comes away having a good idea of what Gardnerian and Alexandrian Craft is about, and how to navigate the process of training and initiation.

Woodbury, Minnesota: Llewellyn Publications, 2018. Paperback, xiii 188 pages. New.



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