OUT OF STOCK PERMANENTLY. The bundles, a promotional offer, are now gone. We do still have the plain copies of the book and also our hugely popular box sets.


Treadwell's first ever guidebook has been two years in the making; its author, Christina Oakley Harrington, focused exclusively on actual magical powers attributed to the plants, so this book is full of the old ways plants have been used to achieve love, win competitions, become invisible, see fairies, gain good luck, achieve success, receive protection, and many more.  She consulted over 200 sources for the book, and every spell is footnoted discreetly at the back.


This bundle includes the book itself, signed by Christina. With it come sachets of three herbs from the book, plus two spell candles and a Treadwell's badge. The book is gift wrapped, and the whole set makes a lovely gift for oneself or a friend.


London: Treadwells, 2020.  Paperback 174 pages. New (signed). Two spell candles, three sachets of herbs, one Treadwell's badge.

Treadwell's Book of Plant Magic (signed) Bundle