Treadwell's new Book of Plant Magic is the centrepiece of this herb magic box -  a starter set for plant-based spellwork in the old folk tradition, based on actual historical charms and spells. 

It forms a great working set to which you can add in future. The twelve jars of herbs are accompanied by four large spell candles -- all of which you are told how to use, and for what magical purposes.  In addition, we include a sturdy large Treadwells tote bag for you to use in the garden or during herb collecting foray! Finally, we put in a planetary magic instruction card, a catchy olde-world postcard, and a spell card designed by a Treadwell's colleague (the wonderful late Johnny McQuillan). The entire box kit is attractively presented, with the book gift-wrapped within. It's a great way to be able to get started doing herb magic the moment you open your parcel. 


The Treadwell's Book of Plant Magic is written by Treadwell's founder Christina Oakley Harrington,  a former medieval historian with a longstanding magical practice. The value of the items separately is over £55, but the box is £40.


Treadwell's Plant Magic Box Kit