Tra Hita Kirana is the traditional philosophy, Hindu in basis, of the people of Bali, Indonesia. The literal translation is roughly the 'three causes of well-being' or 'three reasons for prosperity'. These are: harmony with the divine, harmony with fellow beings, and harmony with nature or the environment. It is not only an ethical outlook but it is religious in nature and has expressions in ritual and practice. This book is an important contribution to the study of worldwide pagan religiosities, to case studies of animist belief, and to global esotericism. It is a fine work, here in a beautiful first edition copy. 


Jakarta: Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia, 2013. First edition.


Edition, volume and condition. Tri Hita Kirana; The Spirit of Bali. Jan Hendrik Peters & Wisnu Wardana. Jakarta: Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia. 2013. First edition. Publisher's original pictorial card covers. A fine copy.


Tri Hita Kirana [Bali] - Jan Hendrik Peters and Wisnu Wardana. First edn.