his book explores historical and contemporary ideas of witchcraft through the perspective of the Clan of Tubal Cain, a closed initiatory group within the Luciferian stream of traditional witchcraft. 'The witch belief then is concerned with wisdom, our true name, then is the wise people and wisdom is our aim.' Robert Cochrane (1931-1966)

Contents: Mythopoesis / Goda, the Clan of Tubal Cain and Robert Cochrane/ Hekate, Dark Mistress of the Soul/ The Wisdom of Courtly Love/Dance of the Seven Veils/ / Hand of Fatima / Sila na gigh /Dia de los Muertos / Abbots Bromley, the Wild Hunt and Saint Nick / Summer and Winter Customs / The Wild Hunt / Green Knight, Dark God of Light / The Fisher King: Gnostic Priest of the High Mysteries of the Graal / The Divine Duellists / Why Cranes? An Exploration into their Mythic Significance in / Legend and Lore/ The Fruit of Wisdom / Musings on the Sacred / The Mystery Tradition / A Man for all Seasons / The Three Rings of the Compass / Traditional Enigma / The Alchemy of the Compass / What is an Initiation?

Oxford: Mandrake, 2010. Paperback, 288 pages. New.  

Tubelo's Green Fire - Shani Oates