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This book seeks to uncover the folklore and uses of plants that grow in liminal spaces such as the hedgerow and other locations on the cusp of human development and nature.


Beginning with an introduction to the way in which liminal spaces have developed plant life over time and the relationship between humanity and nature that these spaces reflect, the structure of this book then delves into the uses and folklore of the plants individually. Each chapter of the book focuses on a particular plant, progressing seasonally in sections titled, ‘Autumn’s Blood and Earth, ‘The Witches Mirror of Midwinter,’ 'Charms of the Faerie Wyfe,’ and ‘Midsummer Offerings.’ Each plant is accompanied by an ink illustration of itself, and a collection of photos are included between pages 136 and 137. Appendices are included at the end of the book to provide further information on topics such as cultivating a home apothecary, creating tinctures, and other relevant skills.


London: Troy Books, 2019. Paperback, 256 pages. New.

Under the Bramble Arch - Corinne Boyer