Subtitled Magic, Witchcraft and the Poison Path, this is a second, revised edition. It explores the intersection between magic and poison as a gateway to ecstasy, esoteric knowledge and sensorial abberation. Shulke sheds much light on this relatively little-explored aspect of esoteric tradition, and pays close attention to those plant powers associated with the so-called 'Devil's Garden' and their relationship to the witches' supper and the flying ointments that have fascinated scholars, historians and practitioners alike. A fascinating book for anyone with an interest in the darker aspects of herbal lore and the use of psychotropic plants in seeking ecstatic communion with the mysteries. Illustrated with 19 colour plates as well as black and white illustrations from traditional sources, this is another fine production from Three Hands Press.

Three Hands Press: 2017. Paperback. 193 pages. New.

Veneficium - Daniel A. Schulke