This third anthology of the series 'Cultivating the Green Path' brings together essays from a selection of international authorities in this rapidly expanding esoteric genre. Corinne Boyer explores plants used in cursing magic; Cody Dickerson details the magical use of black henbane in ancestor work; Demetrius Lacroix reveals the mysteries of High John in rootwork; Rebecca Beyer reviews the folk magical and medicinal uses of plant roots in Appalachia; Jeremy Bechelli explains the use of plants as magical scapegoats for disease transference. Eric Purdue looks beyond correspondences to unearth the philosophical and theoretical logic underlying Agrippa's system of magic; Jason Scott ponders the application of alchemical principles to fungi, and Robert Allan Bartlett introduces a new method for compounding herbs. Scholarly but accessible, erudite but practical, this is another fine edition from the Verdant Gnosis corpus. Illustrated throughout.

Seattle: Revelore Press, 2017. 152 pages. New.

Verdant Gnosis Volume 3