This journal brings together a selection of essays from internationally-recognized authors exploring the human relationship with plant intelligences. Jeremy Bechelli leads off with 'Magical Medicine for Plague and Pox' which explores the magical plants and entities related to plagues and smallpox around the world. Julia Carreras examines intoxicants and poisons in medieval witchcraft; John Anderson sheds light on Chinese black magic and its medical treatment, and Demetrius Lacroix provides a much-needed exposition of Haitian Vodu. Janine Tyto Hagal explores the relationship between runes and plant lore, and Rebecca Beyer writes eruditely on the folk magic and herbal remedies of Hildegard von Bingen. Joyce Netishen gives a personal reflection on the Anima of the Soul and her own work with plant intelligences, and Karin Di Giacomo explores the element of fire in hermetic cosmology through an account of collective ritual. Jesse Hathaway Diaz provides some reflections on the World Tree in Brazilian magic, and Cody Dickerson closes the collection with some reflections on plant spirits and metals in sorcery, folklore and agriculture.

          Scholarly, erudite but accessible, this fourth volume in the Verdant Gnosis series contains much that will interest and delight anyone who wishes to cultivate their own relationship with the magic of plants and nature.


Seattle: Revelore Press, 2018. Paperback, 224 pages. New.

Verdant Gnosis Volume 4