Issue 5 brings together a selection of essays from internationally-recognized authors exploring the human relationship with plant intelligence. Scholarly, erudite but accessible, it is developing quite a cult following. This issue contains articles on plant alchemy, magical lamps in conjure, querencia, shapeshifting, second sight, funeral rites, thorn magic, and phytognosis.


Green Gnosis, Magic, and Plant Alchemy: A Hermetic Perspective
—Karin Di Giacomo

Flowers for the Dead: The Perfumed Corpse in Ancient Greek Lore and Funerary Magic
—Ella von Cosel

Querencia Perfume: Wildcrafting Whole-landscape Smudge and Meeting the Spirit of Place
—Day Host-Jablonski

A Hen on Her Eggs: Magical Lamps in Conjure
—Professor Charles Porterfield

Gift of the Spirit(s): Supernatural Healing in the Ozarks
—Brandon Weston

Plants and the Second Sight: An Investigation into Perceiving the Hidden
—Corinne Boyer

The Verdant Versipellis: Tracking Herbal Allies in Ritual Shapeshifting
—Vex Blòðstjarna

“The Thorn Bush Listens to our Secrets”: Thorn Lore in Pyrenean Witchcraft and Folk Magic
—Júlia Semproniana

Axioms of Phytognosis
—Daniel A. Schulke


Seattle: Revelore Press, 2019. Paperback, 179 pages. New.


Verdant Gnosis Volume 5