Matthew Hughes and Una Hamilton Helle have created an important book to accompany the British touring art exhibition, Waking the Witch. The art of the show is well presented and discussed, with colour illustrations throughout, together with creative artistic page layouts and imaginative uses of colour. 1970s goddess artist Monica Sjoo receives generous attention, alongside the many contemporary artists making up the show. 

        The essays, from a range of authors, are thoughtful and diverse, making this book a highly significant source text on current thinking around England on witchcraft and magical practice. If you want to know what people here are thinking and doing magically in 2019 and 2020, this is the book to get. It will also serve as a good starting point for learning about the history of witchcraft  providing your aesthetic leans toward the experimental. Recommended.


Legion Projects, no date [2019]. Paperback, 127 pages.

Waking the Witch - accompanying the art exhibition