Laura Tempest Zakroff is an up-and-coming younger witchcraft writer, committed to making the old arts accessible and relevant to young people. She is well regarded in the community, and in this book she acts as a guide to the reader so that they can go about creating an authentic, personal path for spiritual development. In a friendly style, Zakroff guides the reader in how to work with ancestors, how to connect with familiars, how to get to know deities, and how to create sacred space for the work of developing one's intuition. Beyond all this, she has seasoned advice on working with groups. Throughout, Zakroff shows modern witchcraft as a path of self-discovery through experience.

Woodbury: Llewellyn Publications, 2019. Paperback, xx+214 pages. New.


Weave the Liminal - Laura Tempest Zakroff