This is a concise introduction to Aleister Crowley, his life and his philosophy of Thelema. It is a careful and accurate overview, and includes basic principles of Crowle's ritual practices, with explanations of them. The author is a world expert intimately familiar with Thelema, Crowley's biography, and with the orders he founded, the OTO and the AA.  It is a primer which we often recommend in store at Treadwell's.  From the book: 'Crowley openly defied social conventions, challenging people to examine what they really believed, and why they believed it. He confronted blind faith with rational skepticism. Yet he likewise challenged the skeptic with scientific illuminism, a systematic approach to spirituality that he described as '"The method of science, the aim of religion." 

Newburyport: Weiser,  2008. Paperback, 128 pages. New.


Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley - Richard Kaczynski