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What's Your Card? - Arne Lein


This rare book outlines Lein's system of occult personality analysis using playing cards, in which each person has a particular card, depending on what day of the year they were born. To quote a practitioner, 'it's like saying you're a Scorpio or a Leo. In the Cards, you would say you're a Ten of Diamonds or a Jack of Hearts. Your Card is similar to a Sun Sign - i.e. Scorpio or Leo - and gives a general meaning, which should be further explored through the various combinations of planets and numbers associated with your birthday, as well as modifying influences like your "Ruling Card".' Lein combines astrology, numerology and metaphysics with the 52 Cards to make a remarkable system. 


Edition. California: MetaCard. 1982. Third Printing. 521pp.


Volume and condition. 8.5" x 6"Publisher's original illustrated card covers. Very slight wear, clean and solid. A very good copy indeed of a very scarce book.