In this short book, Phil Hinek examines some of the earliest English-language writings on the subject of chakras, which appeared in Theosophical journals in the late nineteenth century. Hine discusses the historical and cultural background of these writings, as well their influence on later Theosophical conceptions of chakras. He also takes a close look at chakras in the work of Madame Blavatsky, James Morgan Pryse and his attempt to interpret chakras in the Apocalypse of St. John, and chakras in the writings of Aleister Crowley. He also introduces the Indian Yogi Swami Sapapathy, who influenced by the Theosophists and Aleister Crowley.  

This the second in a series of chapbooks from Phil Hine, expanded from his recent series of lectures at Treadwell's. Signed by the author. 

London: Twisted Trunk, 2018. Chapbook, 32 pages. New.

Chakras Come West (Wheels within Wheels 2)- Phil Hine (signed)