This  is the fourth and final chapbook of Phil Hine's series Exploring the History of the Chakras, based on his series of lectures given at Treadwell's in 2018. it  examines the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung regarding chakras, based on his series of Kundalini seminars held in 1932 together with the Indologist J.B. Hauer. Hine reviews Jung's interpretations of the chakras and Kundalini, and offers a detailed critique of Jung's approach to Indian thought. He then goes on to examine the influence of psychological approaches to the chakras and how the psychological turn has affected religion and self-making, and how contemporary understandings of chakras have been shaped by psychology. Recommended for those interested by the changes in contemporary occulture, Jungian psychology and the intersection between the body and culture.

London: Twisted Trunk, 2018. Chapbook, 32 pages. New. Signed by the author.

Symbols of the Psyche (Wheels Within Wheels 4 Chakras) - Phil Hine (signed)