In this book, Hine examines two figures whose work has been tremendously important in shaping Western understandings of chakras: High Court Judge and 'Secret Tantric' Sir John Woodroffe and Theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater. Hine looks at their own understandings of chakras as energy centres, and discusses  with eloquence and insight how they presented their ideas in their profoundly influential writings, which in turn made such an impact on alternative thinking in the West. With extensive notes, bibliography and pointers for further research, this is an excellent short work for anyone interested in the passage of esoteric ideas between East and West.

London: Twisted Trunk, 2018. Chapbook, 32 pages. New. Signed by the author.

The Judge and the Bishop (Wheels within Wheels Chakras 3) - Phil Hine (signed)