Wiccan - Gardnerian - history is the speciality of Philip Heselton, whose tireless groundwork and unstinting archival research has resulted in a much more accurate understanding of Gerald Gardner's circle, which gave rise to the tradition in the course of the 1930s-1950s. This book, a fore-runner of his latest work, shows his first workings out of the Crotona Fellowship, the New Forest Coven, the clubs in the New Forest, and his relationship with his working partner Dafo. A considerable chapter is dedicated to considering the group spell to prevent Hitler's invasion, with Heselton concluding that it really did take place, a position he has never wavered from since.  The writing of Gardner's novel, A Goddess Arrives, is explored in depth, which is a welcome exercise, as it is more important and revealing about the Craft's theology than is often recognised.  Wiccan Roots, now out of print, is one for the Gardnerian history bookshelf, while noting that some of the author's conclusions have been revised in subsequent years. 


Capall Bann: Freshfields, 2000. Paperback, 338 pages. As new. 

Wiccan Roots - Philip Heselton