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William Lilly's Life and Times - Ed. Wade Caves


 English astrologer-physician William Lilly lived through most of the seventeenth century, and was active in London and Surrey. This book is a new edition of his autobiography, and it is a fascinating read.  Lilly treated many patients, and visited cunning folk and herbalists; he also lived through the English Civil War. Because he wrote about all this, this book gives the reader a first-hand glimpse into seventeenth century politices, medicine and occult belief. Lilly has a light and readable style, and it brings him very much to life. 

This new edition by Rubedo press is annotated and introduced by Wade Caves, himself an astrologer. . There is also a bibliography of modern works on the subject which the keen reader can use for suggestions of further reading. 

Auckland and Seattle: Rubedo Press, 2015. Paperback, 195 pages. New.