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Subtitled, ‘The Cult & Magic of Water,’ this book reveals the wonderfully varied occult and folkloric elements associated with water in its myriad forms.


This book begins with an introduction that sheds light on the term ‘wisht,’ demonstrating the way this historic term for the uncanny can be used as a lens through which to view the magic of water. The first five chapters of the book cover the magic associated with various forms of water including springs and holy wells, pools, ponds, lakes, dew, and much more. The final four chapters take on a more practical approach, providing information on charm waters, hydromancy, spirits and deities, and the connection between water and the ‘witch cult.’ This book was originally published by Three Hands Press in 2014, and is currently being reissued by Troy Books with the addition of photographs not found in the original publication.


London: Troy Books, 2017. Paperback, 177 pages. New.

Wisht Waters - Gemma Gary

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