Toronto: Witchbody Studio, 2016. Softback, 82 pages. New. Author Sabrina Scott writes 'I decided to make a comic book about magic. Magic is my lifeblood, it is my lens, it is how I feel and interact with others. It is all of those things, and more. This book is an illustrated essay about how techniques of magic can re-orient the practitioner to see non-human bodies and relationships in different ways.' Scott starts with a question: 'What can it mean to be a witch today, in the city?' and then takes the reader on an illustrated meandering through her life experience and her thoughts. The illustrations and words interweave, with a serious and thought-provoking tone at times which verges on the academic. And yet the home-made feel is always to the fore: it is risograph printed on cream paper, and with this technique, each copy is slightly different and the black ink never completely dries -- a distinctive feature of the method. Toronto-based Sabrina Scott was interviewed for the Crone Issue of Sabat Magazine.

Witchbody - Sabrina Scott