Sabbatic witchcraft writer Daniel Schulke here offers a set of prose poems in the voice of the Woodwose, a hoary figure from deep in the spirit of the wood. The 'homilies', so called, address humanity - the topics range from the hidden sodality of the woodland, the rape of nature, the living souls of the plants, the hidden, occult powers of untamed vegetations. The language is archaic, lyrical, at times almost biblical, a style which will be familiar to readers of Chumbley and other sabbatic witchraft writings. We like them very much - we recommend them as pieces to be read aloud at night by candle light, or out in the woods in summer.  


Hercules, CA: Three Hands Press, 2019. 46 pages. Paperback. New. 

Woodwose Homilies - Daniel Schulke