This book is the first in-depth treatment of yakṣiṇīs, female spirits often described as 'fertility deities' who live in wild places, plants, and trees -- powerful, fierce and sometimes jealous. These goddess-like beings are discussed in tantric texts, and these form Magee's subject. He looks at how they are described, and how tantrics worked to connect with them. He reproduces in English many tantric texts' passages, many never before rendered into English.  His extensive appendix presents  relevant passages from eleven tantric texts, in both Sanskrit and Romanized Devenagari. This is a wonderful, important book which opens up a previously-unexplored aspect of the tantric world.  Frontispiece by Jan Magee, internal artwork by Maria Strutz, foreword by Phil Hine. 


London: Twisted Trunk, 2020. Paperback, 175 pages. New. 

Yaksini Magic - Mike Magee [Tantra]