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Dr Rebecca Beattie
Author, mentor, and witch

Dr Rebecca Beattie brings over a decade of experience; she is much-loved for her highly-informed approach which she combines with a warm, inclusive style. Rebecca is a Wiccan priestess who apprenticed in her tradition over a decade ago and who brings years of lived experience to her teaching.

She runs numerous online workshops for Treadwell's and is a mentor to many people exploring their own magical path. She lectures on a variety of subjects, including:

Planetary and Elemental Magic
Ways into Witchcraft
Young Urban Witches

Through Treadwell's, Rebecca is now offering one-to-one sessions. With her many years of practical experience as well as personal study, she is able to draw on a wide range of historical as well as current practices to assist individuals with their own projects.

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"The lecture was clear and pitched at the right level of conciseness. The visuals were colourful and engaging and the devotional meditations were powerful. You led them so very well, thank you." - 

"I appreciated your judicial combination of basic information to set the context and your impressive guided meditations. I came away feel energized - alive and compassionate for myself and others." - 

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