[Austin Osman Spare] A Fearful Asymmetry -Stephen Pochin

The definitive work on Austin Osman Spare’s bookplate designs, with over a hundred illustrations.


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Louth: Mandrake Press, 2013. Hardback, 220 pages. Limited Edition of 300 copies.  Rare.

Renowned expert Stephen Pochin focuses in this  important book on Austin Osman Spare’s  bookplates. He looks at the artist’s wide-ranging production of bookplates against the background of the artistic trends and social conditions of his time;  the background story is Spare’s dependence on the patronage of clients for whom he created them.  Wide-ranging, they show a panorama of the graphic styles of the Edwardian and inter-war years, and give an often-overlooked insight into Spare as a working artist needing to please patrons, some of whom gave him much freedom, while others allowed little artistic license.  The book reproduces over a hundred book-plates, many in full colour; it is thus an important work for collectors who care about the full range of Spare’s artistic oeuvre.

Square format (8.5″ x 8.5″) on soft white, 110gsm acid-free archival art paper. Illustrated throughout in colour and black-and-white. Bound in a black subtle weave linen finished paper and elegantly blocked in matte black and gold on the upper board. Afterword and commentaries by Dr William Wallace. Designed and edited by A.R. Naylor.

Condition: New.  Rare and sought-after.

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