Abraxas Journal Four (Hardback)

Esotericism journal co-produced by Fulgur & Treadwells. Art and articles on esoteric topics. A  previously unknown text by Austin Osman Spare is first published in this issue.


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First edition. London: Fulgur & Treadwell’s, 2013. Hardback with dustjacket, 192 pages.

Issue four showcases a mix of art and informative essays on esoteric topics. A  previously unknown and  unpublished text by Austin Osman Spare is published, with facsimile, for the first time.  Justin Moore tells us about the serendipity of libraries; Wolfstein bring us back to the 15th century to meet the origins of the Fool and artist Lindsay Seers’s explorations of her family tree. This issue also includes a new translation of two of Rimbaud’s most evocative poems; health advice from Marsilio Ficino, a photo essay from Shannon Taggart on contemporary Vodou in New York.


Printed on a variety of papers, lavish use of colour. Limited edition of 300 copies. Mint Condition. Plastic wrapped.