Abraxas Journal: Charming Intentions (Hardback)

From the groundbreaking 2012  Cambridge conference: medieval astrology images, Renaissance magic stones, tantric rites, Surrealist occultism, Maya Deren film.


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First Edition. London: Fulgur & Treadwells, 2013. Hardback with dustjacket, 178 pages.

Eight essays selected from the ‘Charming Intentions: Occultism, Magic and the History of Art’ conference the University of Cambridge in December 2012. This special issue takes you into vibrant new research in the history of esoteric art.  Essay topics include astrology in medieval manuscript illumination, Renaissance magic stones, Tantric fertility rites, Surrealist occultism, and witchcraft in 20th-century experimental film. Gloriously illustrated, with clear and intelligent writing and thinking,  meet the new generation of art historians who are read to engage deeply with the esoteric themes in their specialist art fields. A pleasure to read and to explore.


Full Colour throughout. Bound in pure white silken cloth blocked in rich black with an image of a ‘Puleeta (or, Lamp Charm) for casting out devils’, taken from Ja’Far Sharif’s Islam in India, 1921. The endpapers are in black linen-effect. There is also a custom fitted dust-jacket that mirrors the design of the paperback issue with a reproduction of a protective talisman by Victor Brauner, Objet de Coutre-Envoutement, 1943. Limited Edition of 300 copies.

Mint Condition. Plastic wrapped.

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