Alchemy Rising The Green Book – Heliphilus

A practice and in-depth guide to plant alchemy for contemporary alchemists, herbalists, and witches.


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London: Scarlet Imprint, 2017. Bibliothèque Rouge edition. Paperback, 208 pages. New.

Alchemy Rising: The Green Book, is the first in a trilogy of works by Heliphilus which aims to shed new light on the practice of Alchemy. The Great Work of Alchemy is a central pillar of western esotericism, and this present work encourages the reader to engage in its practice, building on key principles and following the footsteps of Paracelsus. The Green Book focuses on Plant Alchemy, and is a complete work of practice and process for the contemporary spagyricist, with detailed instructions for the production of Tinctures, Essences and Elixirs. Drawing on folk traditions, in addition to the works of many classical Alchemists. Including a selected Herbarium, instruction on the gathering and use of plants in a wide variety of remedies, Alchemy Rising: The Green book is a fine addition to the library of any alchemist or herbalist.


High Quality Paperback 130gsm paper. Over 80 colour photographs plus iconography by Oliver Leibskind.

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