Artaud 1937 Apocalypse – Antonin Artaud

A collection of the letters of Antonin Artaud during his visit to Ireland in 1937.


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Infinity Land Press, 2018. Hardback, 120 pages. New.

Artaud 1937 Apocalypse is the first English translation of the letters of Antonin Artaud written during his visit to Ireland in 1937 which culminated in him being arrested by the police and deported as an undesirable alien. During this period Artaud gathered together signs of the impending apocalypse he felt was drawing nigh, and created several magical spells, both to curse his enemies and to ward off the impending incineration of Paris by fire. This book collects all of Artaud’s surviving letters, together with photographs of the locations he passed through. With an afterword and notes by translator and editor Stephen Barber, plus artwork by Martin Bladh and photographs by Karolina Urbaniak, this edition commemorates the seventieth anniversary of Artaud’s death.