Aspects of Occultism – Dion Fortune

A classic collection of essays discussing occult themes from the pen of Dion Fortune.


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York Beach: Samuel Weiser Inc., 2000. Paperback, xvi+94 pages. New.

Aspects of Occultism is a collection of essays from Dion Fortune’s Inner Light Magazine, which was published between 1927 and 1940. In these essays, Fortune displays her erudition and insight across nine different aspects of occultism. Her essay “God and the Gods” contrasts the God of Christianity with the polytheism of the pagan faiths; “The Worship of Isis” reminds the reader that every woman is a priestess of the Goddess, whilst “Pitfalls of Spiritual Healing” deals with the potential dangers of attempting spiritual healing without the necessary grounding in clinical practice and scientific training. Covering a wide range of subjects, from reincarnation to cosmology, the astral plane, the aura and the Higher Self, Aspects of Occultism is essential reading for any follower of Dion Fortunes’ work. This new edition has an introduction by Gareth Knight, and an  additional essay by Dion Fortune – “The Myth of the Round Table”.


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