Book 4 – Aleister Crowley

A classic work on ceremonial magick from the pen of Aleister Crowley.


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San Francisco: Weiser Books, 1980. Paperback, 125 pages. New.

First published in 1913, Book 4 (parts 1 & 2, the third part being Magick in Theory and Practice) is a classic work on Yoga and Ceremonial Magick from Aleister Crowley. Part 1 deals with Yoga in an accessible and methodical manner, providing a workable approach to techniques of physical and mental discipline, with the aim at controlling the will, the physical and mental body. This incorporation of Yoga practice into ceremonial magic is one of Crowley’s most notable innovations, particularly as many of his contemporaries were stridently opposed to the idea that western occult students could gain any benefits from engaging in yogic asanas. Part 2 of the work provides many insights into magical symbolism, explaining lucidly and thoroughly the magical tools and other paraphernalia used in ceremonial magick. Widely considered to be one of Crowley’s most foundational works, Book 4 will be of immense value to anyone practicing Thelemic magick, or any students of occult history.

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