The Book of Lies – Aleister Crowley

A collection of aphorisms and reflections on the nature of magic from Aleister Crowley.


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San Francisco: Weiser Books, 1981. Paperback, 196 pages. New.

The Book of Lies is one of Aleister Crowley’s most famous works. Originally published in 1913, it consists of 93 chapters, each being one page of text, often taking the form of poetry or aphoristic instruction, accompanied by Crowley’s own exposition and commentary. Enshrined within the chapters is a lucid and detailed exposition of Crowley’s magical perspective, demonstrating his deep knowledge of occult symbolism, Qabalah and Alchemy. Occasionally humorous, sometimes bordering on the ribald, these pithily-expressed jottings on the nature of magic, the mind and the cosmos – and the difficulty of expressing ideas through the ‘dis-ease’ of language merit much study and reflection for all serious students of Thelema and Crowley’s magical philosophy. A must-read for anyone interested in exploring modern magic and mysticism through a Thelemic perspective.

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