Book of Magic – Anon (Herbert Irwin)

Deluxe, limited edition of a Victorian gentleman’s grimoire, in a slipcased 3-volume set: facsimile, trascript and talisman folder.


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Society of Esoteric Endeavour, 2014. Limited Deluxe volume.

This is a deluxe limited edition, a reproduction of a manuscript written out by the Victorian gentleman by the name of Herbert Irwin, a book in which he copied out magical rituals, methods and knowledge.

It contains instructions on: summoning demons, calling angels, working herbal spells, scrying in a mirror, doing magic with talismans, understanding planetary powers, how to do specific secret rites, how to prepare the implements for the ceremonies. Full list of contents here.

The work gives an important insight into what workings the author considered important, what material was able to locate, and finally — a hint of what he hoped would become of his work: hence the curious phrase ‘Fratres Lucis’, or ‘Brothers of the Light’ and the secret rituals. Moreover, it is a working English grimoire, and may be used as such to this day. Irwin completed it in 1874 and it was subsequently owned by prominent Golden Dawn member and Theosophist F.L. Gardner. It has never before been published.

The publisher has created a  slipcased three-volume set, consisting of the facsimile, a transcription, and a folder of talismans.

  1. Facsimile of Manuscript. Hardback in full calf leather binding incorporating skrying mirror. 416pp coloured pages (of which 209pp are blank)  Edges hand gilded, Leather joint, decorated endpapers. Front board features a satin silk doublure  inset with reproduction sigil. Rear board inset with glass magic mirror. The pages of full colour facsimile are of high quality reproduction, and has very similiar appearance to the original manuscript.
  2. Transcript. Herbert Irwin’s handwriting is not always easily read; the transcript overcomes this issue.  Typeset as in the original 408pp (of which 205 are blank), and also gives translations of the occasional Latin. It also reproduces in monochrome  the illustrations in context. Hardback cloth binding, undecorated boards.
  3. Talismans in Folder. Talismans from the manuscript created according to the text’s instructions.  The manuscript states that the talismans should be made either of pure gold or drawn on parchment. Inspired by this, these are blocked in pure gold on vellum — the terms vellum and parchment were used interchangeably in the nineteeenth century.

This is a limited edition, with each set hand-numbered.