Coagula – Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule

Tantric, erotic occult art of the Australian nomad creator-performer mage known as Orryelle – third of his alchemy series.


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Limited edition. London: Fulgur, 2011.  Hardback.

This book is a one of three books on the tantric, esoteric art adventure with the irrepressible Australian nomad creator-performer occultist known as Orryelle.  This is the final volume — the attainment of Gold – and its stream-of-conscious writings interweave with the pencil drawings which have captivated so many collectors — they are erotic, demonic and grisly in turn.

Fulgur’s outstanding production values  make the book a true collector’s item, with the signature stitched binding, quality paper and excellent colour values. This is a limited standard edition, of which there were only 640 hand-numbered copies.

About Orryelle, from his publisher’s website (

“Among the influences on Orryelle’s magick are the Magickal Children of Austin Osman Spare, especially Chaos Magick, sigil-making and the shamanic services of bringing back visions and their wisdom to the tribe in dance, or chant, or symbol. Another major facet of this succession from Spare is the descent of the Silver Dusk, a lunar, arachnean, artistic and intuitive response and counterpoint to the more solar and structured magick of the Golden Dawn and their heirs.He is his own Materia Magicka, his physical body a palimpsest of his workings traced in tattoos, piercings, and, in one set of photos, a pair of wings. Orryelle has manifested his anima physically through hormone elixirs and body modification and has held an Alchemical Marriage with hirself, making a charming couple indeed.”

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