Devils, Demons and Witchcraft – Ernst and Johanna Lehner

A compendium of 244 illustrations of demons, devils and witches for artistic and craft projects.


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New York: Dover Publications, 1971. Large Format Paperback, 174 pages. New.

Subtitled 244 Illustrations for Artists and Craftspeople, Devils, Demons and Witchcraft is a compendium of illustrative representations of devils, demons and witches featuring themes such as the Danse Macabre, the Fall of Lucifer, Faust and Mephistopheles, Hell and Damnation, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Reproductions from the work of Holbein, Rembrandt, Dürer and many lesser-known or unknown artists feature in this work, depicting graphically the principles of evil and human suffering in human existence. Published as part of the Dover Archive series, the illustrations may be freely used in graphics or crafts projects, making the book extremely useful for teaching applications, or commercial projects. Anyone with an interest in the historical depictions of witchcraft, death and demons will find this a fascinating work.

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