The Emerald Tablet – Dennis William Hauck

A historical and practical guide to Alchemy for personal transformation.


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New York: Penguin Compass, 1999. Paperback, x+452 pages. New.

Subtitled Alchemy for Personal Transformation, this book is both a history of alchemy and a demonstration that alchemy remains a useful and practical guide to spiritual development and growth. Author Dennis William Hauck provides not only a very readable account of the history of alchemy and its wide-ranging influence on Western esoteric movements, spiritual and religious teachings, and modern science alike, but also draws on his own personal experience as an alchemist to show how alchemical principles such as those preserved on the Emerald Tablet can be applied in everyday life.

Illustrated throughout with engravings from historical texts, and giving deep insights into the power and practice of alchemy, The Emerald Tablet provides an accessible and lucid introduction to alchemical teachings, together with a wealth of easy-to-follow exercises and guidance through the seven steps of alchemical transformation.

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