Emerald Tablet Poster – Brian Cotnoir

Broadside poster showing the Emerald Tablet in Arabic and English.


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Kephri Press, 2017. 12″x18″ Broadside Poster, 300gr Magnani paper. New.

This beautiful broadside poster features the Emerald Tablet or Tabula Smaragdina in both Arabic and English text.

The Emerald Tablet is widely considered to be a foundational text of the European Hermetic and Alchemical traditions. Often attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, it is believed to have been an Arabic work from the sixth to eighth centuries.

Taken from the Kitab Sirr al-Khaliqah by pseudo-Apollonius of Tyana and translated by Brian Cotnoir, illustrated with Alchemical and Arabic glyphs, this is a beautiful item for reflection and quiet meditation on the ineffable verses of this timeless and cryptic text.

Letterpress, Limited, Numbered edition. Signed by Brian Cotnoir.


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