England’s Dark Dreaming – Paul Watson (signed)

A series of 24 charcoal drawings evoking ancient myths, dark lore, weird mystery and politics, with supporting essays.


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Brighton, The Lazarus Corporation, 2018. Soft Cover, large format, 84 pages. New.

The Book of England’s Dark Dreaming, subtitled A Series of Drawings on the Subject of The Matter of England and The World Turned Upside Down is a collection of 24 charcoal drawings made by artist Paul Watson between 2016 and 2018. The drawings evoke current commentary, ancient myths and future legends, darkness, politics, folklore and myth, weird mystery and the mysterious weird, all depicted via a piece of burnt and blackened wood. With a foreword by David Southwell, the creator of the mythical English County of Hookland, and Watson’s own essay, Deep England, England’s Dark Dreaming is a haunting reflection of the intertwining of the English dreamscape; a weaving together of our current aspirations, dreams, hopes and anxieties. Paul Watson’s evocative and provocative illustrations bring together a diverse array of currents and influences. This is a truly magical work, combining the layers of past, present, and future possibilities. A must for all lovers of English Gothic and folk horror.

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