English Woodland Wand – Oak

Ready for consecration and use. Comes with information scroll which includes instructions.


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Product Description

This oak wand is hand-crafted from English woods, prepared by a local witch we know personally. Sarah carefully gathers the wood for each wand from the smaller branches of trees in her area. She trims the wand to the correct length, strips the bark, then polishes the wood to a fine sheen. One end is then further prepared and decorated to make the wand finally ready for consecration and magical use.

Wands are a traditional tool used by magical practitioners to focus the will and intention of a spell. Each of ours comes

  • with its own purple pure silk bag, hand-stitched with button closing
  • a scroll containing information about the properties of the wood of the oak tree
  • a scroll giving  instructions on how to cast a basic magic circle

The planetary assocation of oak is with Jupiter and the Sun, in planetary magic