The Haitian Vodou Handbook – Kenaz Filan

A guidebook to building respectful relationships with the spirits of Haitian Vodou.


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Rochester: Destiny Books, 2007. Paperback, xv+284 pages. New.

Subtitled Protocols for Riding with the Lwa, this book explains how modern occult practitioners can build respectful relationships with the Lwa, the spirits honoured in the Haitian Vodou religion. Author Kenaz Filan gives extensive background information on the Lwa and how to approach them, and how to seek initiation into a Société and find a personal teacher. He also explores the history of Vodou in Haiti and covers key events in Haitian history, and Vodou’s relationship with Catholicism. With an extensive Bibliography, information on online resources and overviews of the techniques, tools, and metaphysics of Vodou Practice, The Haitian Vodou Handbook is an excellent introduction to the practices of Vodou, providing down-to-earth advice and dispelling many of the myths and misconceptions that have grown up around this compelling and powerful magical methodology.

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