Jean Dodal Tarot Deck

An early 18th-century Marseille variant-style tarot deck, artistically restored by the acclaimed Flornoy. Boxed, with booklet. New.


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Product Description

One of the earliest surviving Marseille-style tarot decks,  the Dodal Marseille deck was created c. 1701-1715. It  woodcut art is vivid and powerful. Some distinctive features in the icons bear noting: the angel in the Lovers card is blindfolded, illustrating the idea that love is blind; the maiden in the Star card is pregnant with child, hinting at the fertility of dreams; the female figure of Temperance is bare-breasted; and in the Sun card, one of the children is blind.

Noted French artist-scholar Jean-Claude Flornoy created and printed this restored edition of the deck; Flornoy spent decades researching and recreating the oldest Marseille decks (the Noblet, the Vieville, the Dodal and the Conver).

Flornoy’s decks are collector’s items. Comes with a 64 page booklet containing Flornoy’s historical and iconographical comments. Comes in a cardboard box.