Jinn Sorcery – Rain Al-Alim (pbk)

A guide to Arabic Jinn Sorcery and methods for summoning these spirits.


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London: Bibliothèque Rouge, 2018. Paperback, xxii+88 pages. New.

A belief in the powers of spirits known as the jinn is a key component of magical practice in the Arab world. In this new work from Scarlet Imprint, Author Rain Al-Alim provides a general introduction to the jinn in Arab culture and the types of magical operation which are associated with them. Drawing on his extensive collection of rare manuscripts, the author provides detailed instructions from traditional Arabian sources on how to summon the jinn through scrying, dream, rites of invocation and evocation, and the use of talismans.

A fascinating work for anyone interested in Arabic magical techniques and their intersection with the Western Esoteric Tradition, Jinn Sorcery provides a window into the vibrant living world of Arabic magic and lore, which will be of immense value to scholars and practitioners alike.


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