Judy Hall’s Complete Crystal Workshop -Judy Hall

A complete self-study course into the profound wisdom of Crystal healing.


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London: Godsfield, 2010. Softcover, 256 pages plus audio CD. New.

Judy Hall’s Complete Crystal Workshop is a complete self-study learning programme that will guide you into the profound wisdom within the lore of crystals. It covers key topics such as how to choose a crystal, how to activate, cleanse and store crystals, and how to use them for spiritual development and healing. The book includes handy journalling sections that allow you to keep a record of the results gained from following the exercises given, and the accompanying audio CD features meditations and inspirational music which will help bring you into a receptive state for working with the crystals you have chosen. This unique workbook gives information on the spiritual properties of crystals, including those with higher vibrations, how they relate to the chakras and the astral body, and much more. Acting like a personal tutor, the Complete Crystal Workshop is all you need to enter the inspirational and holistic world of crystals.

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